clearao in episode 9


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Akane Tsunemori - First and Last Appearances

 ↳ "I don’t have time to give you the rookie treatment."


but it’s like

100% girls r hot

an 23% boys r hot

I remember when I used to stand outside of that stage door and watch all these girls come out of there, with their eyelashes and their make-up and I’d think: “God I’ll never be that old. I’ll never be that old. I’ll never be old enough to come out of that stage door.” But deep down inside I knew I would, and goddamn it, I’ve come this far and I’m not giving up now.


failing math exams like [haikyuu team member voice] don’t mind don’t mind

If you get soaked, you’ll catch a cold, Master.


A Grey Warden will be no stranger to giving his life in defense of others.

30 day anime challenge: day 2 (fav female character) 

 • • > Matoi Ryuko from Kill La Kill

Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun is gold. (◕‿◕✿)


it’s so weird that men can make endless misogynistic comments and not have to reassure people that they don’t hate women but when women, especially those in the spotlight, talk about things concerning women they feel an overwhelming need to constantly reassure the world that they don’t hate men, that they love men. 

and by weird i mean a cultural norm to demean women and overvalue men.